Friday, April 8, 2016

Charlotte and the Quiet Place


Deborah Sosin, author of Charlotte and the Quiet Place, was at the American Library Association Midwinter Meetings & Exhibits in Boston last January. Porter Square Books, her publishing company, gave me a copy of the book and Deborah signed it (pictured below).

This week I read the book to most kindergarten, first, and second grade students. Students learned that even though most places in Charlotte’s world is noisy, she was able to learn how to find her quiet place amongst the noise by breathing deeply and slowly while thinking about her quiet place.

We meditated for five minutes. Students were really quiet. After meditating, some students reflected that they were able to relax and think about a peaceful place. Other students had a difficult time keeping their eyes closed and staying silent. Most students agreed that with practice, they can improve.

Kindergarten students meditating. 


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