Monday, December 21, 2015

Our Successful Scholastic Book Fair!

Last week we far surpassed our goal and sold $8598.41 worth of books and other items! We earned $4046.31 in Scholastic Dollars to be spent on books for the library and periodicals (Scholastic News) for all classrooms.

Students raised $43.00 (and Scholastic matched) in the All for Books program to go towards books for students at Memorial.

The huge success of the Book Fair was only possible because of the amazing parent volunteers (Lisa Ramirez, Shawn Turnquist, Karen Donahue, Tammy Hall, Theresa Gibson, Binita Agarwala, Lisa Cline, and Chiamaka Porter) who helped set up, restock, assist students, manage cash registers, count money, and break down. Thank you parent volunteers! Thank you Lisa Russell, Adrienne Heenan, and Christyl Skelton for helping manage the cash registers. Thank you Alex Harrison, Courtney Kushmerek, and Paula Weldon for taking my duties for the week. Thank you Amy Percoskie for donating a huge bag of change. Thank you Shawn for busting out your credit card when students didn’t have enough money to pay for the tax on their books...we owe you! Thank you teachers for being so patient and for helping students select just right books.

A few of my favorite moments are captured below.
A student purchased Amy Krouse Rosenthal's I Wish You More for his sister who will be born in March. 
Ms. Conceison was caught purchasing a chocolate smelling eraser and a cupcake pencil sharpener for a girl she tutors.
A student purchased a cook book for her mom. (Gift wrapping was available when we had enough adult help.) 
 Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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